In loving Memory: Fred Passed Away today, Januarary 11, 2007 at home, following and illness

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Fred Gaus, World War II Army Veteran
American Hero

This page is information regarding Fred Gaus.

Fred Gaus is a current resident of Northeastern Pennsylvania. He was a member of 330th Regiment, 83 Division of the First Army. Fred was born on April 10, 1924 in Scranton, PA. He entered into military service on May 7, 1943. He was honorably discharged November 13, 1945.

Fred entered into action on June 16, 1944 in Normandy. His campaign took him across France, through Belguim, and into Germany. Fred recieved medals including the EAME Ribbon, World War II Victory Medal, American Theatre Medal for Service, Good conduct Medal, Bronze Battle Stars for campaigns in Normandy and Northern France, and Combat Infantry Badge.

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and Fred holding his Eisenhower Jacket.

Fred was the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) man for his company which is a very important and dangerous position to be given. He has told me about how he disposed of all accessories for his BAR in order to make it lighter to tote across Europe. The BAR was known for being a very heavy weapon. At all times he had 2 soldiers appointed to him to be his ammo carriers. The BAR fired 20 round magazines in 30-06 caliber and it went through ammo very quickly. The position that he held was the 'squad automatic rifle' position which is still in use in the U.S. Army today. Today's soldiers carry the SAW rifle, but their role is the same.

Fred is an active member of his local Veterans Organizations, and participates in various veterans events. He is a true American Hero and we should all look up to him for what he has accomplished in his life and in service to his country.

Fred Gaus