This page will be filled with fun and excitement in the coming weeks. Frank will tell stories, Bob Holt will crack his whip, Jim will break his extractor, and everyone will have doubles!!! There will be pictures, videos, and other assorted propoganda. Check back from time to time. For now, just click the links below for the scores from the May match at Factoryville Sportsman Club. Also, there is a page of pictures, and links to 2 movies (not porn, sorry) below. Check them out. Picture below is an action shot of Dave looking determined and pissed at the X wife!


Click here for a page of images from the May match!!!

Pistol Finals (summary), All divisions

Click here for a movie clip of Don Jr. on the steel course

Click here for a movie clip of Walt on the classifier course

Barry, write me and let me know if these are being viewed ok. And next month, I gotta check out your software. I had to edit the data and it took too long. There's probably an easier way. Talk with me on this.